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jury trial rights for parents

CA Appellate Courts decide that jury trials are not available as a "matter of right" in Family and Juvenile Dependency Courts
Allowing biased judges, in favor of a gender, to strip a parent of legal custody of their child. Restricting Due Process Rights
First AFCC net.org conference is held​ - Setting up the collusion between judges, attorneys and psychologists to control the family and juvenile dependency court industry. Worth tens of billions of dollars annually to AFCC members
"Best Interest of the Child" standard of evidence introduced by CA Sen Bill Greene - Per Judge Leslie Nichols, "Here it's an entirely different inquiry. Not guilt, but best interest of the child," which is unconstitutional under a "Strict Scrutiny"  standard. Its VAGUE and can mean anything a judge wants it to mean.
Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth (AFCC) attended by Hon. Chair Hillary Clinton​, Mayor Willie Brown, and Sen Patricia Schroeder, JD. Removing a fit parent's legal right to their child  was introduced and justified as "conflict resolution". Separating the child from a parent was deemed in "the Child's Best Interest". Requiring extensive and expensive testing and evaluations, which OF COURSE, can only be performed by AFCC psychologists until $ runs out or there aren't any minor children left to hold hostage.
Raise Your Rights introduces its first initiative ​- CA Attorney General's fiscal summary was "Unknown ongoing fiscal impact on state courts"; because "the ability to demand a jury trial serves as an incentive for individuals to (1) resolve child custody disputes outside of court or (2) reach agreement on custody decisions more quickly - thereby reducing court involvement and workload." CA Legislative Analyst Fiscal Impact Report
60 years of Federal child separation policies were ended to keep immigrant children's families intact - Sen. Diane Feinstein introduced the Keep Families Together Act, "The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Justice, and Health and Human Services shall not separate a child from a parent or legal guardian" UNLESS "a state child welfare agency or court determines it is in the child's best interests to be removed" which means every immigrant child could be legally separated; Psychiatrists decry the AFCC policies of domestic child separation on this basis.The Family First Prevention Services Act is signed into law to keep children from the traumatic experience of entering foster care. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs) supports the conclusion that our children are more resilient to withstand "conflict" than being separated from a parent and/or siblings.

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Judge Byron White, US Supreme Court - The purpose of a jury? 
  • guard against the exercise of arbitrary power​
  • make available the common sense judgment of the community
  • a hedge against overzealous, mistaken, overconditioned, or biased response of a judge
Vote "No" on Judge Stuart J Scott, Santa Clara County, Nov 3, 2020 ballot
"When a (minor) child rejects a parent - Is the AFCCnet.org part of the Problem? Most certainly
Divorce CorpA documentary

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