Jury Option for Custody

Give parents a constitutional layer of protection to
keep legal rights to their children and promote settlement 


"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution"


Supreme Court of the United States

"The purpose of a jury is to guard against the exercise of arbitrary power - to make available the common sense judgment of the community as a hedge against overzealous or mistaken.....
or overconditioned or biased response of a judge"


"The measure could reduce court costs to the extent that the ability to demand a jury trial serves as an incentive for individuals to (1) resolve child custody disputes outside of the court or (2) reach agreement on custody decisions more quickly - thereby reducing court involvement and workload"

CA Legislative Analysts Office


"Bob" Powell 

Civil Rights Attorney in

San Jose, CA

Question: [We] have been trying to get a jury option for parents in dependency court, before temporary rights to the children can be taken, and in family court before legal rights to children can be taken, or what they call legal custody. What's your opinion on how that would stop accusations from even being made?

Bob's Answer:  I think if you had a jury in both of those scenarios, and I practice in family law as well, it would change a lot. It would change a lot. First of all, at least six to twelve people would learn more about this system and then go out and share it with their friends.


The kind of absolutely insane, inane, arguments that I listen to in these juvenile courtrooms and then have a judge up there going "Yeah that sounds good to me" would blow your mind; so having six normal people from the society there, would change the dynamic immensely. I think it would kind of almost put them out of business really.  See YouTube Link Here




Child Estrangement - Dr. Josh Coleman
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Who judges the Judges? We don't?

"If an incumbent judge is running unopposed in an election, his or her name does not appear on the ballot. The judge is automatically re-elected following the general election." American Judicature Society, "Methods of Judicial Selection: California," archived October 2, 2014


Los Angeles County (Num 63):

Judge Malcolm H. Mackey was the only judge out of 155 judges up for re-election who voters were allowed to vote on . 

Santa Clara County Office (Num4): 

Judge Vincent Chiarello was the only judge out of 24 judges up for re-election who voters were allowed to vote on. 

Attorney to attorney confidentiality means that your attorney can tell your ex's attorney anything that can be used against you

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