Alycia Mesiti

Give her back a voice which Judge Chiarello took from her

On Feb 2, 2018, Mark Mesiti was convicted of murdering his daughter Alycia and more than 40 counts of sexually abusing her, as well as an 8 year old girl and a 16 year old. 

In March, 2018 Judge Vincent Chiarello filed his Declaration of Candidacy asking for Santa Clara County registered voters to re-elect him, which will entitle him to an ongoing $300,000 annual salary package and a multi-million dollar pension. Vote NO.


Judge Chiarello forced Alycia's Mom to sign his custody orders after she foolishly admitted to exhausting all of her resources trying to escape from Mark and feeling depressed for being unable to do so. Chiarello let her know that he favored Mark and that he wouldn't enforce Mark's $60,000 child support payments to her. Judge Chiarello was tired of her complaints about Mark after only 5 months of their case being under his jurisdiction. Alycia's Mom had no other options in front of this judge. A jury option in California courts, for parents to keep legal rights to their children, does not exist.


The remains of Alycia Mesiti-Allen, were found in the unkempt backyard of Mark’s former home. Judge Chiarello forced Alycia to live with Mark despite the fact that he had been convicted of state and federal charges, including bank fraud, drunken driving, domestic violence and ordered to attend anger-management classes after pleading guilty to a lesser charge. Mark had even landed in prison for probation violations of failing to attend drug and alcohol treatment programs. Mark ran a methamphetamine lab with related charges of child endangerment. Mark recently claimed someone else had remotely accessed his encrypted hard drive, and had altered hundreds of images and video, to show Mark sexually abusing Alycia and other children. Mark, however, admitted to watching himself having sex with Alycia years after he had killed her while claiming he was getting periodic phone calls from her. Judge Chiarello had allowed Mark to erase Alycia's older brother Daniel as well.  Mark sent Daniel to the east coast almost immediately after Judge Chiarello erased Alycia's Mom.


Judge Chiarello is from Palo Alto, one of California's most expensive places to live. Alycia's Mom couldn't afford an attorney. Her multiple ongoing pleadings to Judge Chiarello that Alycia and her brother were often hungry, subject to abuse, unable to call their mother despite her court-ordered visitation and contact rights, failure to attend school and a host of other complaints about Mark's lack of care and concern for the children.... were handwritten.


Alycia's Mom didn't fall into depression. Instead she kept fighting with the police to find out what Mark had done with Alycia's body. When Alycia was finally found, her Mom stated that “I couldn’t even pick up her personal effects, there was nothing. There’s just nothing left of her.”


Judge Chiarello has declined to comment.


June 22, 2005: Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Vincent Chiarello takes over

Nov. 22, 2005: Judge Vincent Chiarello forces Alycia's Mom to sign over custody

Aug. 15, 2006: Alycia, age 14, goes missing

Oct 16, 2006: Mark's attorney Scott Sagaria substitutes out of the case

Jan 2009: Sgt. James Robbins takes over the investigative unit and reopens Alycia's case because of her Mom's pleadings. He finally gets a search warrant for Mark's old house

March 25, 2009: They find Alycia's body buried in the backyard

March 28, 2009: Mark Mesiti is arrested in Los Angeles 

Feb 2, 2018: Mark settles and is sentenced to life without parole after asking for a jury option because the District Attorney's office was asking for the death penalty

March 7, 2018: Judge Vincent Chiarello files his Declaration of Candidacy to continue as a Santa Clara County trial court judge with an eye on becoming a federal court judge


There are 23 other judges running unopposed for re-election this year in Santa Clara County anticipating that none of their names will appear on voters' ballots. All of them expecting an ongoing $300,000 annual salary package which comes with a multi-million dollar taxpayer funded pension. However, in Judge Chiarello's case, a write-in campaign to oppose his re-election has been successfully implemented. His name will appear on the June 5, 2018 ballot for Santa Clara County voter to decide on. Trial court CA judges are re-elected every six years, they should not just be nominated and thus appointed by the JNE Commission. The US is a democracy.

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