Can't my teenager just emancipate and become a legal adult while still a minor?

Updated: 2 days ago

Essentially there are three ways you can emancipate as a minor. If your parents or a judge grants you permission, you can get married (if your soon to be spouse accepts you) or you can join the armed forces (if the armed forces accepts you). Otherwise you will need to convince a judge that you should become a legal adult and you alone should hold legal rights to yourself. How hard is that? The judge will most likely order someone to investigate you to see if you have a legal way to make a living for yourself, to see if you can handle your own money, to see if you found your own place to live, to see if you have your own medical care, and to see if you can sign up and pay for college if the judge believes its in your best interest to go to college, etc. John Bolin used to be the investigator for Santa Clara County.

It is very hard to be emancipated unless you are a foster child or you really are on your own. We want to expose wealthy families that have unbelievably been successful in emancipating their teenage children HERE in order to get their college expenses paid for as if they were foster children or orphans. If you are a foster child, you will most likely be seen by the same judge that separated you from one or both of your parents in the first place, so what do you think your chances are? If you are a child victim of family court, you will most likely be seen by the same judge that had jurisdiction of you through your parents. If you are able to get a license, get a car, get a job, in any order, that's a good start on the path of becoming an caring, responsible, respectful adult separate and apart from your parents. We want to especially encourage and support foster children who may not have any family support to help them become independent. Call us and see if we have a used car available for you.

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