Why wasn't the Seventh Amendment extended to California family and juvenile dependency courts?

Updated: Oct 6

The California Appellate Courts decide that a jury trial option in a family or a juvenile dependency courts is not a "Matter of Right" (1885-1899) leaving jury trials only as an "option" in California family and juvenile dependency courts which every single judge has denied every single parent to date. The game is afoot to start allowing a jury as an advisory panel to the judge but with no power to protect a parent from losing legal rights of their child to the other parent or the state, whatsoever, rendering these "sham" juries useless and a waste of taxpayers' resources. The Texas legislature didn't make the same mistake and it extended jury trial rights from civil courts into its family and juvenile dependency courts. Jury trials in Texas family and juvenile dependency courts are extremely rare. Instead they are used to summarily stop false allegations, promote settlement and end unwarranted governmental interference in Texas families. Texas violent crime statistics are much lower than California's. Texas incarceration numbers are much lower and not a single Texas city has made its way onto any of our nation's homeless lists while California cities dominate them.

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