What did the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACES, found on the website) teach us?

Children are NOT resilient. Their minds do what needs to be done in order for the child to survive. Its why we find young children virtually physically unharmed days after they went missing. They don't sustain loss very well and need to be taught how to adapt their minds to accept it. A child's unsophisticated mind can split him/her apart, burying away the parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc and the pain caused by the family and juvenile dependency courts separating them from one(s) that they loved. Psychologists actually call it "splitting" of the mind. Psychologists have tests, such as the Parental Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire and the Bene-Anthony Family Relations Test, to determine the level of the "splitting" but seriously, how effective do you think these tests are when it actually matters?

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