What is RaiseYourRights doing to stop the family court and juvenile dependency court crises?

Updated: Oct 8

If your case fails to settle and instead it goes to trial, the person that matters the most is the decision maker or the "fact finder(s)". The California decision maker, or the fact finder, is your judge. The fact finder(s) are not the courts of social media, not your side of the story, not your attorney, not your state's social workers, not your child, not your parents, not your ex, not your in-laws, not your friends or neighbors, etc.. Only a handful of states have a jury option in their juvenile dependency courts and Texas is the only state that gives parents a jury option in its' family courts as a "Matter of Right". How do United State citizens remain free from family and juvenile dependency court judges' unwarranted governmental interference in their children's lives? Voting rights and jury trial rights. Per Judge Byron White of the US Supreme Court, juries guard against a judge's use of arbitrary power under a vague low standard of evidence, "Best Interest of the Child". Juries act as a layer of protection for parents against overzealous, over conditioned, mistaken, or biased responses of family and juvenile dependency court judges. Juries avail litigants of the common sense judgment of their community.

Only Texas parents have jury trial rights in both their family and juvenile dependency courts and their statistics far outshine California's societal woes because they settle far more family court cases out of court than in this state. Since 2016 we have made valid attempts to place a citizen's initiative on the California November ballot for parents to have jury trial rights in this state similar to what Texas parents enjoy. We are in the process of clearing our citizen's initiative and we will have passed it through the California Office of the Attorney General by January to get it ready for circulation for the 2022 November ballot. Sign up to receive email updates or allow us to send you the petition when it clears for circulation. See our link below for information regarding our 2016, 2018, and 2020 attempts to put this initiative on the past November California ballots.

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