What is an obvious sign that family and juvenile dependency courts have crossed the line?

Updated: 2 days ago

The mandatory use of Our Family Wizard portrayed in the Netflix movie "Mile 22" which is streaming right now. I am such a big Mark Wahlberg fan. In this movie, the Mom portrayed by Lauren Cohan, gets goaded into telling her daughter she won't see her on Mother's Day (she is saving the world) and the ex takes it too far and alienates the child, then celebrates this by letting the Mom know he just recorded everything she did wrong on their "Our Family Wizard" account. For everyone who has been through the family court you are left with the sadness that this Mom will never see her daughter again.

Unbelievably, judges, attorneys, psychologists, child custody evaluators, etc. (your usual Association of Family and Conciliation Court "net effect" of collusion) can also access the account in order to track the parent's activity, send and receive mail, receive notifications, view everything, add to their calendars, etc. The mandatory use of Our Family Wizard is essential a violation of everything our founding fathers sought to protect us from. It is the ultimate violation of rights to privacy. Yes, you still have a right to privacy for "intimate" communications, but that's about it. The company that runs Our Family Wizard proudly announces that "Our Family Wizard allows professionals to completely monitor the family’s activity". I am not kidding. #NoAFCC, #PreventUGI (unwarranted governmental interference), #PromoteSettlement

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