Will more transparency solve the family and juvenile dependency court crisis?

Its all about who decides the facts from both sides of the story. In Texas, a parent has a right to circumvent a judge as the fact finder by refusing to give up his/her jury trial rights. The vast majority of parents in Texas settle their cases out of court. Almost all of the cases that don't settle, are decided by Texas judge because both parents give up their jury trial rights. Will having transparency change how a judge rules in a case? Doubtful. Maybe? We are about to find out. The National Center for State Courts promotes the rule of law and improves the administration of justice in state courts and courts around the world and their website shows ways that the public can access social media to watch a family or juvenile dependency court case unfold. Keep in mind, however, that a judge has absolute judicial discretion to close any case to the public for whatever reasons he/she decides to do so.

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